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Occupational Deafness, Industrial Deafness or Noise Induced Hearing Loss as it is sometimes referred to, is a deterioration of a person’s hearing over a prolonged period of time as a result of their working environment. You can find out for free if you have a claim.

In the United Kingdom, thousands of people have been affected by industrial deafness with or without tinnitus. Employees can be put at risk in many different industries particularly shipbuilding, coal mining, metal manufacturing and factory engineering where noisy machinery is used.

To help prevent more cases of Industrial Deafness, the Noise at Work Act 1989 was introduced. This Act put in place rules relating to health and safety in the workplace which must be adhered to. Those rules combined with advances in technology have created quieter workplaces and incidences of industrial deafness are now much rarer.

If your hearing has deteriorated and you were once employed in a constantly noisy environment, you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.