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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is an industrial injury which mainly affects people who operate vibrating power tools. If you are diagnosed as suffering from this condition as a result of being exposed to vibrating power tools at work, you may be able to make a Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claim for compensation.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome was more commonly referred to as Vibration White Finger or VWF in the past until it was realised that there were many more symptoms connected to the illness than just having white fingers.  The illness is now more accurately referred to as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS.

People most at risk from developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS are those who use power tools such as chainsaws, concrete breakers, grinders, hammer drills, hedge trimmers, mowers, pneumatic drills and sanders for long periods of time.

It is your employer’s duty to protect you from being harmed at work; therefore if you develop Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome as a result of your working conditions, you may be able to make a Hand Arm Vibration claim.