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Armed Forces Injury Claims

Our Armed Forces are a national, well loved institution but we cannot forget that it’s unfortunate that even military personnel are injured at work. Cases such as these are often difficult as many feel uncomfortable about bringing a claim against the MOD. There’s a perception that they’re a ‘non standard’ employer or that they’re too large to claim against or even that there’s a real sense of betrayal towards your own colleagues.

Nash & Co solicitors are experts in resolving Personal Injury compensation claims, in particular for those who have served bravely as part of our Armed Forces. The military are no different to any other traditional employers and have the same duty of care to employers in the work environment.

Typical military injury cases include lifting and manual handling, equipment defects or non-supply of equipment, sporting injuries, inaccurate medical treatment, vibration and noise treatment.

The general rule of thumb on any claim is that the accident itself happened within the last 3 years, that the fault lies with someone else (including fellow servicemen) and that it was reasonably preventable in the first place.

One very important issue to keep in mind is that the MOD is well renowned for looking after its personnel, so once liability has been admitted they usually want to make it right as quickly as possible.