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Road Injuries

Every year 200,000 people suffer as a result of a road accident. At Nash & Co, we treat you and your accident with the utmost respect and sympathy. As such we work hard to get you the level of compensation you deserve. Find out for free whether you have a claim.

Over 1,700 are killed on our roads each year, over 23,000 are seriously injured and over 170,000 are categorized as slightly injured. All in that’s 195,723 people affected by a road traffic accident.

Road traffic accidents including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers are the biggest source of personal injury claims which makes them a target for the claims companies we see on TV. As qualified solicitors, we operate in a different way by focusing on getting you the correct level of compensation rather than settling your claim early and moving on to the next one. Personal injury is not a numbers game for us at Nash & Co.

You can claim compensation for road traffic accident injuries if the accident was caused by the fault of another motorist, person or party. You can claim compensation if you were injured as a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or if you were riding a motorbike a bicycle or a horse at the time of the accident.

In many car accident cases where the injuries are not severe, our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors can fast track claims ensuring compensation is expedited as quickly as possible.