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Testimonial: Armed Forces Injuries

Posted by : Michael Shiers

From an Armed Forces client:

In 2010 I sustained an injury to my shoulder during a training exercise. Advice within my unit was extremely limited and inaccurate and I had no idea what to do next.

I contacted several solicitors to request information on injuries at work and they all stated that as this was a military matter, they were unable to help me.

I then looked for a Solicitor who specialises in military compensation claims. This was when I found Nash and Co in Plymouth.

I made an appointment and was introduced to Mike Shiers who was Nash & Co’s military expert.

Mike spoke to me about my career and life, both before and after the injury. He listened to the facts of my case and took the decision that there was a claim to be made against the MOD.

Taking on an organisation like the MOD can be a daunting prospect, however, Mike shouldered the burden and took away a large proportion of the stress and anxiety due to the complex legal argument going on in the background.

Mike was very proactive, he obtained legal insurance for me, so that if I lost my case I would not be liable for costs. This was extremely reassuring and took away a great deal of financial risk and uncertainty.

When the MOD were dragging their feet and causing unnecessary delays in releasing information, Mike was straight onto it. He would challenge them as and when it was required and, if necessary, obtain a court order to get certain important information which they then went on to release.

Mike’s team at Nash and Co are first class. Part of the case preparation was to prepare a personal statement, a difficult task for me as it meant re-living the events of my injury. A member of Mike’s team visited me and the statement was taken with a huge amount of patience and empathy. I felt that they were very thorough and wanted to fully understand what had happened to me. Time was spent to really get into details which could have been vital to my case if it went to court.

Over the years that it took for my claim to settle Mike always kept me updated of the MOD’s intentions and how we would respond. His constant contact with me meant that I was always informed about what was going to happen next. This took away a huge amount of stress and anxiety of the unknown.

In my opinion Mike Shiers is a very professional solicitor. He is also a very engaging normal every day bloke that can talk to military people and tell you how it is. For ex-servicemen and women that goes a long way. This is exactly what we want and need.

For complicated cases like mine, Mike was there every step of the way, always on hand to offer help and advice. Nothing was too much trouble and he always had an ability to understand my concerns and reassure me about the way forward.

A very important aspect to my case was the selection of expert witnesses. Mike has the ability to select the most reputable, credible and experienced subject matter experts who are well respected within the Court circles. This undoubtedly assisted me in achieving a successful outcome to my case.

A large majority of military compensation claims do not end up in court. My case did not go to a final hearing. During the settlement hearing Mike took full control along with my Barrister and as the meeting gained momentum he would respond with robust evidence of my injuries which in turn increased my financial award.

At the end of my settlement meeting I was awarded £216000 in compensation from the MOD. This was entirely down to Mike Shiers and Nash & Co. Because of the out of court settlement, I did not have to endure a week long Court case which was a huge relief to me and my family.

Mike and his team achieved the compensation I was entitled to and this assisted me in rebuilding my life after my injury.

I whole heartedly, recommend Nash & Co to any military person who has been injured whilst in service. During a very difficult part of my life, Mike managed to make my military compensation claim process as easy as he possibly could under the circumstances.

Colour Sergeant Royal Marines